Hi I’m Marie. I'm a Money Mindset Coach. I help women in service-based businesses shift limiting money beliefs, so they can charge premium prices and become the awesome, thriving business owners they know they can be.

I’m all about helping you ditch your money blocks and get super-comfortable around wealth. My clients know that making money and having money are something to truly celebrate, rather than dread or feel guilty about. Let's talk about money!

Money changing life

I’m passionate about helping women to increase their income and have them feeling relaxed about the whole shebang!


The best way I know to do that is to change your relationship with money, because when you change how you feel about money, you change everything else. 

Whatever your background, when we run a business alone we have all kinds of unconscious 'stuff' with money, that has us:

  • Over delivering - justifying charging our prices with tons more work

  • Feeling fear five minutes after a client has said ‘yes’ - like, can I really do this?

  • Dropping ALL our prices after hearing yet another ‘no’ on a call

  • Feeling anxiety about touching ‘business money’ in case all clients want refunds

  • Feeling guilty for spending money on ourselves - even if it’s just for new underwear

It always comes back to your history with money and own beliefs around cash. And smart lady, you’re not alone in feeling like this.

I’m on a mission to change things for your, whatever your money blocks are!

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What do clients say?

"Marie helped me to really focus in on the things that were holding me back. We addressed some core beliefs and she coached me through any challenges and obstacles that came up, with some really creative solutions."
Anna Croucher, Designer


"I honestly can’t believe the impact the coaching has had on me, the way I can now see myself as someone who can have control of my life/finances/business, especially as I was coming out of one the most stressful times in my life."
Cara Waddell, freelance designer

 "I had many money blocks but thanks to Marie I’m working through them and calling BS on them. I’m in control of my money, I don’t hide away from it, I’m tracking it and setting income goals."
Tracey Stevenson, owner, Baby Sleep and Nurture