Life is busy and distracting

That’s why I’ve created my Creative Life Design programme with your busy life in mind, to help you design your most creative AND rich life, without putting anything on hold.

Group Coaching (8 Weeks)

VIP Creative Life Design Group

What's the difference between group and 1:1 coaching?

Group coaching is similar to 1:1 times of the methodology. Every week we’ll meet, work on a different topic and I will coach you through any challenges you’re facing. But in a group context, you get additional support from each other because you are all in it together. You each benefit from hearing about challenges that others are dealing with, and working to apply new techniques in your own life is often easier when you know others are doing the same thing.


Not sure it’s for you?

Chat to me first to see if it's a good fit for you. Take a look at what one of our VIP group members told me this about her decision to sign up:

'I've been looking into coaching and learning what I can about it for a while now, working out if it was 'for me', if it would be useful, if it was worth the money etc. The call with you pushed me into action in a way that I hadn't been confident enough to do before, even though other people in my life had given me some of the same information, so I feel like working with you makes sense… And your focus on creativity and happiness feels right too.'’


 What's included

  1. Weekly 1 hour Zooms with me and your group (maximum 5 each group)

  2. Coaching: I will introduce a different topic every week, then a group coaching discussion where you can talk about where you’re up to and any challenges you’re facing.

  3. Weekly check in for accountability

  4. Topics include money mindset, coping with self-sabotage, how to create more energy and time in your life, stress management, goal settingself-care and self-image.

  5. Each week you will have one exercise or mindset activity to work on during the week. Some may take up to 20 minutes, others might be trying out a new way of thinking or behaving.

  6. You will have an option to volunteer for one of three additional laser coaching one-on-one sessions (observed by your other ‘life designers’

Cost - £1200, 8 Week Package.


Reserve your place in a coaching group

VIP Creative Life Design Package

When would you prefer the coaching sessions?

Thanks! I'll be in touch with the next step


1:1 Coaching - How it works

When we work together you will be gradually working through a MINDSET SHIFT, in order for you to uncover and move on from a lifetime of limiting habits, to achieve the WEALTH and LIFESTYLE you desire.

The full Creative Life Design programme includes 6 months of us working together.


By the end of the programme you will see a SIGNIFICANT SHIFT in the way you think about your career and creative practice. The programme aims to build rock-solid confidence so you develop a strong sense of IDENTITY wwith your creativity.


You will have the tools to continue your RESILIENCE to any stress or overwhelm that comes your way, even after we stop working together.

We will also work towards you earning LIFE-CHANGING MONEY from your practice so that you can spend more time on your creative passion. Get in touch to book a free discovery call to see if this is a fit for you.

"In just one hour Marie was capable to make me navigate into myself.  She made me ask the right questions and that helped me to imagine and create my next challenges even when I had nothing clear in my mind. I'm very grateful."

Pledges to my clients


Meet you where you are emotionally, each session, with no expectations or judgement

Always hold a vision for you of your best, most creative self

Support and understand your challenges, whilst holding you accountable to your own goals



Tell you to quit the day job. This is not about your creative passion taking over from your job (unless you want it to), but about building a template for your life that aligns with your creative identity. If you are happiest with your regular job, you should definitely keep it. That doesn’t mean you couldn’t improve your happiness by incorporating creativity throughout your life.

Ask you to do anything that you don’t feel comfortable with. A coach is a partner that you work together with. I bring my experience and training, and we’ll decide together which practical exercises suit you best.

Judge you - I will hold a safe space for you and anything that's going on.


What to expect

When you step into the CREATIVE LIFE DESIGN coaching programme with me, you’ll experience what it’s like to have a cheerleader and accountability partner by your side to make sure you say YES to yourself on a daily basis.

You might know what happens when you say no to yourself. When we ignore the part of ourselves that wants more? More creativity, more release, more FREEDOM? When our creative needs are neglected, our well-being suffers in a multitude of ways, and we feel incomplete.

If this is how you feel, it’s time to stop neglecting those needs, and to create a new way of living and being in the world that means you feel like yourself again.