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Did King Midas keep me broke? The lasting effect of folklore on my money mindset.

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When I was a child, I had firm ideas of right/wrong and good/bad, when it came to desire. Desire = bad. Being happy with your lot = good.

I knew from fairy stories, for example, that it was wrong to want more than enough, and that people who fit into this personality trait were punished as villains. In the stories there was a very clear distinction, a binary choice between love and riches.

King Midas was cursed for his desire for gold by paying the ultimate price of never being able to touch loved ones without turning them to gold; the greedy step sisters in Cinderella, rendered 'ugly' for their sins, were all about cash over loyalty and love, and a whole conga line of people get stuck by their greed to golden goose’s feathers.

Every ‘good’ character in every old-timey children’s story is stony broke and simple- but lovely-hearted.

Traditional folklore is full to the brim of people wanting too much and paying the price.

Like many, I took these lessons into adulthood with nary a backward glance. I subconsciously put them into the pot with the following beliefs, gleaned from what I saw around me from my family, TV, books and magazines. These messages were 'facts' to me for a long time.

1. You mustn’t speak about money except if something is cheap (oh this? It was only £10!)

2. Money causes conflict in relationships.

3. We (people from our family) will never be wealthy.

4. It’s wrong to want more than enough.

5. Love and money are mutually exclusive.

There are lots more beliefs that I have unearthed – it’s a growing list, but here are a few as an example – are there any that sound familiar to you?

Incidentally, I mentioned a few of these to my lapsed Catholic partner recently and he said ‘you sound like a good Catholic.’ In one fell swoop, I realised how linked to guilt my money beliefs used to be.

What would you find if you examine your core beliefs about money? Make no mistake, if you’re not earning what you’d like to be bringing in, whatever they are they are holding you back.

My constant enquiry of my long-held money beliefs, is a vital part of me changing my money mindset. There are key steps to changing them after I uncover them, but finding out what they are is step one.

The funny thing is that I never stop discovering. Solid beliefs and behaviours that I've never questioned before still raise their heads at the strangest times. My humble advice would be to be open to those lightning moments because they can change everything!

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